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Marketing Crash Course – LifeVersity

In collaboration with LifeVersity and The CreatEURs Guild, I developed and have been training the Marketing Crash Course. Since its pilot in September 2020, it has seen 43 students build a Brand Strategy and Marketing Campaign over a span of 6 weeks.

On the 6th week, students have an individual presentation to present a brand strategy and marketing campaign for a product/service/company of their choice. This has resulted in students presenting campaigns on very interesting topics, such as:

  • A marketing plan for Season 2 of the Netflix show Queen’s Gambit
  • Revamping Blockbuster for a grand reopening in the modern world
  • Expansion of existing brands (like HelloFresh) to new target audiences

After each presentation, I would ask each student questions about their marketing plan. I’d want to test them on their understanding of course materials and confidence with their current strategies. After that, I’d provide some feedback.

During the course evaluation form, students could enter their feedback for the course. Incorporating the feedback saw the overall satisfaction ratings increase after each round.


+ 61 registrations (overbooked twice)

+ 43 final presentations

+ 8.5 course satisfaction rating (Latest round: 9.33)

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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Hi there, thanks for checking out this project. I truly love problem solving in creative ways. I hope you found some interesting ideas and maybe some insights for your own business 😉

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