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In 4 months, we tripled event attendance – Extraordinary Life

Extraordinary Life is the personal development student association at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Their main activities include workshops and discussions that spark self-reflection and personal growth. I joined the Marketing team between January – July 2020.


Maximize how many people show up to events


Extraordinary Life hosted events centered around 3 main themes – get out of your comfort zone, taboo topics, and guided meditation. We noticed some people developing preferences for certain themes.

The first task was to provide each theme a distinct identity. This allowed participants to quickly identify if the next event was relevant for them or not.

Together with Ruben Elsebroek, we developed the following icons and color schemes:

Event Marketing

We started out with a WhatsApp chat of 16 association members. From here, we would direct members to the Facebook Event page to mark their attendance and invite their friends.

Facebook would then recommend the event to friends of attendees, increasing engagement further.

Instagram never took off, so we killed that early. Facebook was the winning channel. Event banners made use of the following format:


Each new event brought new people to the brand. Whenever a new event was uploaded to Facebook, we invited attendees from previous events. Within 4-6 weeks, the number of people attending events would exceed seating capacity. Compared to January, almost three times as many people would show up on average to the events.


When the Netherlands went under lockdown, many students associations did not know what to do. Physical events weren’t allowed. Extraordinary Life was one of the first to move entirely online. In this time frame, Extraordinary Life managed to increase their audience until the end of the academic year.

Working with Dheeraj (or DJ as I call him) has been wonderful. Getting to know him, he creates new, exciting ideas to promote Extraordinary Life events and with his design graphic skills, Extraordinary Life's events have been receiving an increase of attraction from students on Facebook. 
- Serena Lim, Marketing Manager 2019-2020

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Thanks for reading!

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